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Joining the crowd...

Do you know what a "blog" is? You are reading one right now. It's short for "web log" which is a sort of online diary or news site. Blogging (see, it's even been verbed so you know it's hot) has even been made the 2004 Word Of The Year by Merriam-Webster and has been added to their online dictionary and will be in the next print version. was the first blog I was familiar with and now everyone seems to have a blog. But don't get too excited. If you are just learning about it now you can consider yourself way behind. By the time something like this makes it into the dictionary the techno-hipsters have long since moved on to something new. It's kinda like all of those "ethnic" words we hear so much of now like "bling" and "baller" and "snee" or whatever that incredibly annoying and stupid word is that some people like to snicker about in the presence of others thinking they don't know what it means yet. By the time most people know what it means the real originators of that stuff have moved onto something newer and cooler. I'm still not sure why I would need a blog but it seems like a good place to save interesting links and stuff I run across and perhaps share it with the rest of the world. Not that all that many people visit my website but perhaps more will if I start posting more stuff. I will try to avoid posting mundane things such as how I went and got my haircut today (I did, nice and short) but will try to stick to cool tech news and my flying and travel adventures.